Snorkelling Trips

Snorkelling offers a freedom and simplicity that appeals to many who do not dive. We understand that not all great dive destinations make great snorkelling destinations – and that it is not only divers that wish to have exceptional marine life encounters. We know the great experiences snorkelling offers, and take pleasure in creating the very best trips.

A snorkel is a tube around 30 cm long and with an on the inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, generally L or J-shaped and fixed with a mouth piece at the lower end, and designed of rubber or plastic. It is applied for breathing air from over the water surface area when the wearer’s mouth area and nose are submerged. The snorkel generally has a part of rubber that connects the snorkel to the outside of the strap of the diving mask since pushing the snorkel between mask-strap and the head can cause the mask to leak.


  1. Trip is subject to weather conditions.
  2. Refreshments such as Coconut Water and fruits are available at this destination.
  3. Any special request can be mentioned while filling the form.


  1. Safety Rings are provided during snorkeling.
  2. Rescue Operations team monitors people present at the beach.

Just a 20 Minutes by Boat from Havelock Jetty this beach offers snorkelers calm blue shallow waters and is the perfect spot for beginner snorkelers. The boat goes right up to the beach and its so easy to slip on your gear and just start snorkelling. It’s also a great place to just spend the day lying on the beach and relaxing.

The beach is very scenic with fallen trees and white sand giving the photographer some interesting shots. The reef here starts very close to shore at a depth of about 1 metre. The large reef is mostly made up of hard coral and has plenty of marine life. Beginner divers frequent this site as well as the gentle sloping bottom and soft sand are conducive to learning.

North Bay island is a popular destination in Port Blair. The beach and the snorkelling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find at Port Blair. A ferry will take you across Aberdeen Jetty and bring you back. The corals at North Bay are rather good and spread over large area. You are very likely to spot many fish, a lobster, or even clams on the coral reef. Snacks and basic meals are available in some shacks on the beach.

Life rings or jackets are provided during your snokelling trip. A guide assist you while you snorkel. You do not require swimming skills to do this activity though swimming skills can help.

Bharatpur Beach is the most visited attraction in Neil Island . Here, you can find various kinds of water activities such as Jet Ski Ride, Snorkelling and Glass Boat Ride.

In this tour, you will be taken for a snorkeling tour in Bharatpur Beach. White sandy beach here is a treat to experience once you are in Neil Island. The beaches in Neil Island have a different flavour than what is seen in Havelock and Port Blair. During this tour, a guide takes you to explore the reef in Bharatpur Beach. No swimming skills are required for the tour. The guide helps you explore the reef in Bharatpur beach and later after 30 Minutes brings you back to the shore. Life ring is provided to which you hold on while doing snorkeling.

One of the most famous destination at Port Blair is the Jolly Bouy Island. At Jolly Buoy you get to see corals (red, blue, sponge corals etc). Also you will be able to see life within these corals (particularly zebra fish). There is another island called Red Skin Island. Both of these islands are open for 6 months alternatively for the tourists. The time duration, is usually from November – April for Jolly Bouy Island and from May – October for Red Skin Island. These are tentative months and can change without any prior notice.

The trip Includes boat ride to JollyBouy/ Red Skin Island including glass bottom boat ride to reach the shore. The trip begins at Wandoor jetty, which is approximately 25 kms from the main city. Forest permit and ticket is required to book this trip. The tickets can be purchased just one day before. You are required to stand in a queue at the Tourism Office to purchase the ticket. Photo ID proof is required to book the tickets. Your travel agent can book the ticket on your behalf.